Welcome booklet for visiting researchers at LIER-FYT

I. How to apply

A/ You are a researcher, professor, post-doctoral or doctoral student working at a scientific or academic institution outside France, and you wish to join LIER-FYT for a research stay? 

The procedure:

1) Contact one of the LIER-FYT statutory members listed on the unit's website and inform them of your project (see here).

2) If this member agrees to sponsor you, and only in this case, send your request to the LIER-FYT management team (julia.christ@ehess.fr/edouard.gardella@ehess.fr), copying your sponsor in, specifying the planned dates of your stay and enclosing your CV and research project (and/or one or two articles).

3) Your application will be examined by the LIER-FYT board, which meets every first Monday of the month. The LIER-FYT management team will promptly inform of the board's decision.

Bear in mind: 

1) LIER-FYT does not cover any transport or accommodation expenditure for visiting scholars.

2) If you are a researcher or professor, you can apply for the "visiting professor" programme at EHESS for a period of one month. This procedure is independent from LIER-FYT: the invitation, made by an EHESS and/or a CNRS faculty working with an EHESS research unit, follows a specific procedure independent of LIER-FYT (see here).

3) Neither doctoral students enrolled with an institution abroad co-supervised by a LIER-FYT scholar, nor doctoral students who have completed their thesis under the same conditions, nor LIER-FYT correspondents abroad, are required to apply for admission. They have full access to LIER-FYT.

B/ You are a professor in a French university and you wish to join LIER-FYT for a research stay? 

You are invited to request "délégation" to CNRS. To obtain prior approval from LIER-FYT, you must send your request to the management team (julia.christ@ehess.fr/edouard.gardella@ehess.fr), along with your CV, research project and/or one or two articles. The request will be examined by the unit board, and the LIER-FYT management team will promptly inform you of its decision.

II. Welcome to LIER-FYT

Your application to join LIER-FYT has been approved by the board, and you're about to spend some time in our laboratory. Here's what you need to know.

1. Your sponsor

They are the key person during your stay. 

1) Upon arrival  at the laboratory, located in Paris at 10 rue Monsieur-le-Prince (metro: Odéon), they will show you round the premises, the premises’ rules and regulations and where you can work during your stay. They will also hand out a booklet entitled "Guidelines on prevention and safety  for new- comers", which you are recommended to read.

2) For the duration of your stay, they the first person to  contact if you encounter any problems of any kind (material, psychosocial, etc.). During your stay, they are also your first scientific contact at LIER-FYT.

3) At the end of your stay, they will complete your stay report (see below). 

Should your sponsor fail to meet any of the above three points, please contact the unit management team (julia.christ@ehess.fr/edouard.gardella@ehess.fr).

2. Workstation

For the duration of your stay, LIER-FYT will provide you with access to a workstation on its premises at 10 rue Monsieur-le-Prince.

If you are a postdoctoral or doctoral student, or a researcher or professor "invited by LIER-FYT", this workstation is not assigned to you personally. It is a free workstation in one of our various shared workspaces located on the 4th  floor, st floor and ground floor of the building.

If you are a  "visiting professor at EHESS" or a CNRS "délégation" researcher, this workstation is assigned to you personally. This is a fixed workstation in an office located on the 4th floor or on the ground floor of the building, which may be shared with another researcher.

You may use the laboratory photocopiers during your stay, provided that you make reasonable use of photocopies.

During your stay, you may use the equipment in the kitchenettes on the 4th and 1st floors of the building (coffee machines, teapots, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc.).

During your stay, you are subject to the building's rules and safety regulations. You must conform to the building's opening and closing times, and read the "Prevention and safety guidelines for newcomers" booklet provided upon arrival. In the event of serious and repeated breaches of these obligations relating to the use of the building, the LIER-FYT management team may decide to terminate your stay.

3. Visa and accommodation

For information on visas, finding accommodation and health insurance, we recommend that you consult the EHESS welcome guide for international researchers here.

Please note that LIER-FYT will not cover any accommodation expenditure during your stay.

4. Access to Condorcet campus and EHESS resources


If you  stay more than 14 days, the LIER-FYT office can help you have access to the Humathèque on the Condorcet campus. To do so, please contact Mr. Sébastien Cousin at the LIER-FYT office (sebastien.cousin@ehess.fr).

Joining LIER-FYT does not give you access to the digital resources available to EHESS members (Cairn, Jstor, etc.).

The LIER-FYT office cannot help you register for libraries outside EHESS and/or courses and seminars outside EHESS. However, if necessary, the LIER-FYT management team can provide you with a visiting researcher status certificate . To find out more about the Paris libraries, see here (rubric no. 8).

Computer account

If your stay exceeds three months, the LIER-FYT office can help you obtain an "ehess.fr" account. This will enable you, among other things, to benefit from the eduroam wireless Internet access service.


If, during your stay, you wish to take part in seminars at EHESS, you must apply on the "Participations" platform. If you are accepted, you will be granted the status of "auditeur.trice libre"(ie. auditor) , and will therefore be exempted from any tuition fees. In certain cases - and particularly if the seminar you wish to attend is held by a LIER-FYT professor - it may be useful to write directly to them to introduce yourself and justify your request to attend. The list of seminars at EHESS run by members of LIER-FYT can be consulted on the unit's website (see here).

French courses

To find out more about the French courses offered by EHESS, click here (item no. 7).

5. Participation in LIER-FYT activities

During the first week of their stay, visiting researchers at LIER-FYT are invited to introduce themselves to the unit's management team (Julia Christ, director, and Edouard Gardella, deputy director), whose office is located on the 3rd floor at 10 rue Monsieur-le-Prince.

You will automatically be added to the "LIER-FYT Info" mailing list (lier-fyt_info@ehess.fr), which sends updates on the unit's activities.

You will be introduced on the LIER-FYT website in the "Visiting Researchers" section. To do this, you will be contacted in advance by LIER-FYT's communications officer, Ms Chloé Loiseau (chloe.loiseau@ehess.fr ), who collects relevant personal information and a photo.

You are strongly encouraged to take part in LIER-FYT's lab seminars, and in particular 1) in the Soirées du LIER-FYT held once a month (see here; 2) the half-day seminars organized every six months by LIER-FYT; 3) the sessions of the LIER-FYT disciplinary workshop corresponding to their discipline (LIER-FYT sociologists' workshop, LIER-FYT philosophers' workshop, LIER-FYT historians' workshop, "Lus et relus" seminar for jurists).

You may be invited to present your work at one of these in-house seminars - in particular, in a disciplinary workshop. 

During your stay,  you are encouraged to engage in discussions with your sponsor, as well as with other LIER-FYT members. You are expected to respond to exchange requests from any of the LIER-FYT members.

6. Research Stay Report

At the end of your stay,  you will be  asked to submit a report, regardless of your stay’s duration, to the unit's management team.  You are at liberty to share any information in this (at least) one–page-long report, but it should include the following items:

1) description of participation in LIER-FYT activities.

2) scientific evaluation of the stay.

3) assessment of the reception at and operation of the unit.

4) prospects for maintaining collaboration  with LIER-FYT.

In addition, the sponsor is required to add a paragraph to the report assessing the scientific input brought about by the visiting researcher’s stay.

The sponsor is accountable to the management team for  the submission of  the report by the visiting researcher.

Version française | Faire un séjour de recherche au LIER-FYT

Version espagnole | Folleto de bienvenida para los investigadores/as invitados al LIER-FYT

Version italienne | Libretto di benvenuto per i ricercatori invitati al LIER-FYT