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Tuuli Talvinko

Tuuli Talvinko

Tuuli Talvinko est invitée au LIER-FYT du 1er septembre 2023 au 30 juin 2024 à l'initiative d'Emanuele Conte.

I am a PhD candidate in law in the University of Helsinki and I work with European Union constitutional law, legal philosophy, constitutional theory, and contemporary legal history. The working title of my PhD thesis is The concept of ‘rule of law’ in the European Union constitutional vision, and the thesis seeks to present a critical reading of how the concept of ‘rule of law’ has been used in the European Union constitutional framework.

In Helsinki, I work in the Centre of Excellence for Law, Identity and the European Narratives (Eurostorie). I am visiting LIER-FYT for the academic year of 2023-2024.