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Sebastián Muñoz

Sebastián Muñoz

Sebastián Muñoz Tapia is a sociologist from the Universidad de Chile, PhD in Social Anthropology from the Universidad Nacional San Martín and musician, Diploma in Computational Social Sciences from the same university. He is the coordinator of the project “rap and technologies” (@rapytecnologias, www.rapytecnologias.com), which investigates the relationship of this music with technological changes in Chile, primarily related to digitization (funded by the Fondo de la Música, Chile Folio No. 632529). He is currently a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Anthropology of the Universidad Alberto Hurtado , Chile (ANID Project No. 3220141), where he is doing research on “urban music” (rap, trap, reggaeton). He participates in Núcleo Milenio en Culturas Musicales y Sonoras, in Red de Estudios Latinoamericanos de Hip-Hop (PEJ-CLACSO), Grupo de Acción en Público (Instituto Gino Germani) and Grupo de Estudio de Musicología de la Producción Fonográfica (Instituto Nacional de Musicología Carlos Vega).  In addition, he made the documentary Buenos Aires Rap (2014), has published several academic articles, and has collaborated as DJ with varied hip-hop music groups in Chile and Argentina. His areas of interest are popular culture, digitalization processes, hip-hop, and pragmatist sociology. He works mainly with ethnography and computational social sciences.

Contact email: semunoz@uahurtado.cl

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