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Cristina Vano

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Cristina Vano

Cristina Vano est invitée au LIER-FYT du 4 au 16 décembre 2023 dans le cadre du projet FoNTES - Fostering innovative training in the use of European legal sources.

Cristina Vano is full Professor of Medieval and Modern Legal History and History of Justice at the University of Naples “Federico II”, Department of Law. Law degree at the University of Naples and PhD in Modern and Contemporary Legal History, Attorney at Law. She has been visiting professor or research fellow in several Universities and international Academic Institutes mainly in Germany, England, France, Spain and USA. She directed or collaborated to many national and international research projects and is currently member of the Editorial Boards of scientific Journals and Book Series, including Zeitschrift der Savigny-Stiftung für Rechtsgeschichte: Germanistische Abteilung; Anuario de Historia del Derecho EspañolAnnaeus. Anales de la tradición romanísticaRivista di storia del diriHo italianoHistoria del Derecho, (Carlos III de Madrid). She is member of the Scientific Board of the PhD Course Human rights. Theory, History and Praxis (Unina) and Coordinator of scientific international agreements with the Universidade Federal do Paranà and with the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. Her main research topics concern Comparative legal history, German historical School, History of labour law, Legal translations and transplants, Methodologies and communication strategies of the European legal culture.